International Business Retreat: Mindfulness and compassion in organizations and companies
Datum: 21.10.2020 - 25.10.2020
Typ: Retreat
Ort: Waldbröl - EIAB



International Business Retreat: Mindful Work in Times of Change

Practice areas and methods for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs

Save the date: 20. bis 24. October 2021


Retreat with Dr. Kai Romhardt and active members of the Network for Mindful Business


How can we integrate our mindfulness practice into everyday work? How can our private and professional life be brought into harmony?

Meditation and work life are not two separate worlds. Mindfulness helps us transform our work. If we look deeply into our work, we see our whole life - our habits, motivations, dreams, goals, values ​​and identifications. By understanding ourselves and others more deeply, work can become a path of liberation for us. And in times of volatility and fundamental change, mindfulness becomes our precious guard – for ourselves and others.

In this retreat we will take our personal work life as a starting point and learn from each other, how work can give us more meaning, serenity and joy.

After 16 years collecting experiences and inspiring transformation within the German-speaking world, the non-profit Network for Mindful Business (Netzwerk Achtsame Wirtschaft e.V.) presents this retreat as a platform for sharing experiences and resources across national boundaries. We will network with each other and — if interest arises — explore opportunities to spin off affinity groups throughout Europe. 

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