Recitation of the Mindful Business Commitment in English (Online in the morning): Main Focus - The Fourth Field of Practice: Practicing mindful consumption
Datum: 05.09.2022


MBC-Recitation in English: Main focus –The Fourth Field of Practice: Practicing mindful consumption

For dedicated practitioners who wish to build community and strengthen their individual resolve, we offer a bi-monthly recitation of the Mindful Business Commitment (MBC). We have been reciting the Mindful Business Commitment together online in German since March 2019. Many of us appreciate this regular practice as strengthening, connecting and nurturing.

In 2022 we decided to offer the recitation in English as well — as nourishment for our growing international business sangha.

We will recite the MBC on the first Monday of each month. In even months, we will use the German version and in odd months we will recite the English version. Subsequent sharing will take place in the language(s) most suited to the participants. With a beginner´s mind we look forward to practicing together in the common language of mindfulness.

These recitations are a chance for us to connect with our deeper intentions, in a group of like-minded practitioners. This is not a beginner event or introduction to the Network for Mindful business. We ask that you read the Mindful Business Commitment in advance to see if the content speaks to you. The recitation allows those who feel a resonance to remind themselves of their resolve, deepen their contemplation and light their path.

Time is dedicated to sharing our experiences and practices. While allowing room for uncertainties or the koan-like questions that we may carry with us, the dharma sharing should not become a discussion of business ethics or economic ideas.

At our retreats, there is generally a chance to publicly commit to these principles in a circle of friends. Speak to Kai Romhardt if you are curious whether a particular retreat will offer this “Ceremony of Support”.

It can be helpful to bring your own printed copy of the MBC to the reading. Our website offers the MBC in several languages. 

We start at 7.45 and end at 8.45 a.m. (CET, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin...). Please dial in some minutes before the start so that we have a relaxed and concentrated start together... :-)

This is the Zoom-link.

Meeting-ID: 874 9391 0406
Kenncode: 038392

Link: MBC-English

Below are the planned dates for 2022/23: 


MBC Version

7 March

English: The First Field of Practice: Anchoring my personal practice

4 April

Deutsch: Das 1. Übungsfeld: Persönliche Übungspraxis

2 May

English: The Second Field of Practice: Practicing mindful economic thinking and engagement

6 June

Deutsch: Das 2. Übungsfeld: Wirtschaftliches Denken und Handeln

4 July

English: The Third Field of Practice: Practicing mindful work

1 August

Deutsch: Das 3. Übungsfeld: Achtsames Arbeiten

5 September

English: The Fourth Field of Practice: Practicing mindful consumption

3 October

Deutsch: Das 4. Übungsfeld: Achtsamer Konsum

7 November

English: The Fifth Field of Practice: Practicing mindful stewardship of money and resources

5 December

Deutsch: Das 5. Übungsfeld: Achtsamer Umgang mit Geld und Ressourcen

2 January

English: The Sixth Field of Practice:Acting mindfully in groups and organisations

6 February

Deutsch: Das 6. Übungsfeld: Achtsames Wirken im Kollektiven