LAVORARE IN CONSAPEVOLEZZA IN TEMPI DI CAMBIAMENTO – Mindful Work in Times of Change Practice areas and methods for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs
Datum: 15.11.2023 - 19.11.2023


Mindful Work in Times of Change


Practice areas and methods for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs

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November 15-19, 2023 at Centro Avalokita/Italy

Retreat with Dr. Kai Romhardt and active members of the Network for Mindful Business

As dharma practitioners, we may ask ourselves how to bring our spiritual life in harmony with the reality of the business world. How might we bring consciousness to business transactions? How do we walk the path of understanding and compassion during our working days? How can we stay mindful in stressful, fearful environments – or in our home office? Can we smile to uncertainty and disruptions and accept our own imperfections? How can we sow the seeds of mindfulness in our business and civic organizations?

By cultivating true mindfulness grounded in Buddhist principles we may change our perception of the organisations to whom we dedicate our vital energies. We envision that people may encounter each other respectfully — even lovingly — and pursue meaningful goals at work.

To do so, we have to start with our own work, our own habits in the working place. Mindfulness practice gives us tools and insights to change our work in a positive way. Working principles such as impulse distance, transition, single-tasking or true breaks, strengthen our concentration and inner freedom. Metta walks open our heart. Effective meditation exercises for everyday office life help us to remain calm, stable and loving even in challenging situations.

In this seminar we will share our paths and experiences. We will explore — through actual group practice in the retreat community — methods and practices for building mindfulness in work settings. With the Mindful Business Commitment (Impegni per un’economia di consapevolezza) we will offer attendees a set of aspirational ethical principles designed to support us in our daily work and help us engage mindfully within organisations.

After 19 years collecting experiences and inspiring transformation within the German-speaking world, the non-profit Network for Mindful Business (Netzwerk Achtsame Wirtschaft e.V.) presents this retreat as a platform for sharing experiences and resources in Italy.

For more information please contact Centro Avalokita/Italy