NAW-ONLINE (English): 75-minute online impulse: "Money @ Work: Towards a better understanding of a hidden force and energy
Datum: 25.03.2021 ab 17:00 Uhr


Money@Work: Towards a better understanding of a hidden force and energy

Thursday the 25th of March 2021,  5 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. (CET: Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Vienna,... = UTC+1)

Impulses given by: Jay Kaufmann (NAW-Berlin) and Dr. Kai Romhardt (NAW-Coordinator)

75 minutes: Impulse and exchange on different aspects of mindful business with active members of the Network for Mindful Business 

After a quick check-in, we start with a sitting meditation together. A personal impulse from active participants in the NAW is followed by self-reflection followed by mindful exchange and sharings. We will end the formal part with another meditation and a short outlook on the planned international activities of the Network for Mindful Business. We are invited to stay on for a cup of tea and informal exchange after the official end of our session. 

Our Topic: Money@Work: Towards a better understanding of a hidden force and energy

Money and work are often intrinsically connected to each other. We’d like to reflect individually and together about the inter-relationship. How much of what I do is for money and how much for other reasons? What would it mean to be paid “enough” for my work? What happens if I work without any connection to money? What happens if I get money without any connection to work? And which emotions are connected to my financial (inter-)actions, wishes and my property?

We look forward to the shared time and practice and the exchange on these deep questions.

Organizational matters:

Please be in the zoom room five minutes before the evening starts. We would like to ask those who are not yet familiar with Zoom to familiarize themselves with the software in advance or to ask acquaintances / friends / family with whom it is already running. We will not use our valuable time together to solve technical problems.

Click here for the zoom room- The complete Zoom invitation can be found at the end of this page.

Make sure that you find a quiet and undisturbed place where you can relax in order to connect more deeply with our shared session.

See if you want to give yourself and the group a conscious transition beforehand, a few silent minutes before going online, a cup of tea, 15 minutes without a screen or a period of media fasting ... The more we all collect in advance, the more connected our time together will be.

We look forward to practice together!


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Thema: NAW-IMPULS-ONLINE: Money@Work: Towards a better understanding of a hidden force and energy

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