NAW-ONLINE (English): 75-minute online impulse: "Touching the Mindful Business Commitment (MBC)"
Datum: 23.11.2021


Touching the Mindful Business Commitment

Topline: We invite you to practice with us online at 17:15 CET (Berlin, Amsterdam) on Tuesday, Nov 23rd to reflect on the Mindful Business Commitment.

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Impulses given by: Jay Kaufmann (NAW-Berlin) and Dr. Kai Romhardt (NAW-Coordinator)

75 minutes: Impulse and exchange on different aspects of mindful business with active members of the Network for Mindful Business 

After a quick check-in, we start with a sitting meditation together. A personal impulse from active participants in the NAW is followed by self-reflection followed by mindful exchange and sharings. We will end the formal part with another meditation and a short outlook on the planned international activities of the Network for Mindful Business. We are invited to stay on for a cup of tea and informal exchange after the official end of our session.We can also share about our second International Retreat, which took place end of october in the EIAB in Waldbröl/Germany with friends from eight countries.

Our Topic: Touching the Mindful Business Commitment

The Mindful Business Commitment (MBC) was developed by our network as a foundation for practice. It has proven to be a real friend and personal guide on our path towards more understanding, compassionate, and mindful action in our daily business activities and personal life.

We’d like to join together to recite, reflect and exchange on the Mindful Business Commitment on our online evening. Which fields of practice resonate with me right now? Which do I want to nourish and strengthen? How might I incorporate these friendly reminders into my ongoing spiritual practice?

The MBC encompasses six central training fields of mindful economics and serves as a guide and inspiration to deepen our personal insights in these fields. The six fields are:

(1) Anchoring my personal practice

(2) Practicing mindful economic thinking and engagement

(3) Practicing mindful work

(4) Practicing mindful consumption

(5) Practicing mindful stewardship of money and resources

(6) Acting mindfully in groups and organizations

The statements of the MBC are not commandments nor prohibitions, but invitations to look deeply.


Organizational matters:

Please be in the zoom room five minutes before the evening starts. We would like to ask those who are not yet familiar with Zoom to familiarize themselves with the software in advance or to ask acquaintances / friends / family with whom it is already running. We will not use our valuable time together to solve technical problems.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021
17:15 - 18:30 CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Vienna)
Join the Zoom-Meeting directly here 

Meeting-ID: 828 1181 9916

Code: 625399

Make sure that you find a quiet and undisturbed place where you can relax in order to connect more deeply with our shared session.

See if you want to give yourself and the group a conscious transition beforehand, a few silent minutes before going online, a cup of tea, 15 minutes without a screen or a period of media fasting ... The more we all collect in advance, the more connected our time together will be.

We look forward to the shared time and practice and our exchange on the topic. 

Although not required, an RSVP to would help our planning — and enable communicating any technical difficulties or changes.

We look forward to practice together!

With warm greetings,

Jay Kaufmann & Kai Romhardt


P.S. We would also love to see you in person next October at the European Institute for Applied Buddhism (EIAB) in Waldbröl for our next International Business Retreat on Mindful Money — a topic that touches all who earn, spend or save. So save the date: October 19-23, 2022.