The Heart of Creativity - Foundation of Mindful Arts Network
Datum: 28.06.2013 - 30.06.2013
Typ: Retreat
Ort: Findhorn/Schottland


Retreat in English.

This is the first event of the international Mindful Artists Network. Are you a writer, musician, filmmaker, performer, visual artist, storyteller, dancer, art therapist, journalist, or work in some other art form? Are you looking for a way to ground your art in a mindful, sustainable, spiritual practice? You are invited to come together for a weekend of meditation, creative exploration and community building. 

More information here.

The Netzwerk Achtsame Wirtschaft (NAW) supports this event as it is breathing the same spirit as we. Members of the core team of Mindful Artists Network have also links to us or are active in NAW.

We hope that we will have a fruitful relation to this fresh branch of the Bodhi tree and support each others.