Join us

Interested in taking part in our community?

Like ripples flowing outward in expanding circles, you can engage at various levels with the Network for Mindful Business:

  • Get to know us at one of our events
    Join us at one of our English-speaking or international events, share your experiences and get inspiration from others.
  • Contemplate the Mindful Business Commitment
    Reflect upon the principles outlined in our Mindful Business Commitment, and decide for yourself if you would like to commit to using them as an orientation and inspiration in your work and daily business.
  • Organize a Mindful Co-Working Day
    Bring like-minded friends together in your office or home to spend a morning or a day working together in silence. Email for a typical time plan or more information. 
  • Organize a Dharma Sharing Evening
    Choose a business-related topic or question to explore together with other practitioners, ideally in a Buddhist center in your neighborhood, city or region.
  • Start a local affinity group
    If your first events built some momentum (and gave value to participants, no matter how few or many), consider partnering with us to start an official regional group in your native language or in English.