International events

Join our international gatherings and yearly international business retreat.


International Retreats

October 19-23, 2022

International Business Retreat: Mindful Money

We will gather together at the European Institute for Applied Buddhism (EIAB) in Waldbröl/Germany for our 3rd annual English-speaking (international) retreat from the Network for Mindful Business.Registration at EIAB is now open.


April 26-30, 2023

International Business Retreat: Mindfulness and compassion in organizations and companies

We will explore — through actual group practice in the retreat community — methods and practices for building mindfulness in collectives.

October 18-22, 2023

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RETREAT // Be free where you are: Mind Skills for uncertain times

This annual residential retreat brings together a diverse group of people interested in making our work lives, our business dealings and our larger economy more conscious and compassionate. This year we address uncertainty and we will explore a variety of powerful mind skills mined from Buddhist teachings and collected from experiences in the Network for Mindful Business.


November 22, 2022

Impulse Evening: Peace @ Work

Join us to share and learn about the roots of peace – and war – in our working environments. What does "peace is every step" really mean? 


January 16, 2023

Impulse Evening: Healing @ Work

Can we imagine working environments, in which healing is possible?



Regular recitations of the Mindful Business Commitment (pdf)

Online in the morning: 7.45 -8-45 am (CET)

January 2, 2023: The Sixth Field of Practice: Acting mindfully in groups and organisations



Public Walking Meditation

November 26, 2022, Public Walking Meditation of the Network for Mindful Business in many cities

Basel (Switzerland)

Berlin (Germany)

Cologne (Germany)

Florence (Italy)

Francfort (Germany)

Freiburg i.B (Germany)

Hannover (Deutschland)

Lake Zurich Region (Switzerland)

New York (USA)

Nizza (France)

Posen/Poznan (Poland)

Ravensburg (Germany)

Waldbröl (Deutschland)

Würzburg (Germany)

Wroclaw (Polen)