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Do, 25th February – 5 to 6.15 pm CET:

NAW-ONLINE (English): 75-minute online impulse: "Emotions @ Work: How do we take good care of our mental states and formations - both individually and collectively?"

As human beings, we experience the full palette of emotions in our workplaces, schools and organizations. And we are influenced by others’ emotions. An organizational culture and our co-workers can exude varying emotional “flavors”, significantly influencing our own emotions. We will reflect upon our own personal “timeline” of organizational experiences at an emotional level.


Do, 25th March – 5 to 6.15 pm CET:

NAW-ONLINE (English): 75-minute online impulse: "Money @ Work: Towards a better understanding of a hidden force and energy

Money and work are often intrinsically connected to each other. We’d like to reflect individually and together about the inter-relationship. How much of what I do is for money and how much for other reasons? What would it mean to be paid “enough” for my work? What happens if I work without any connection to money? What happens if I get money without any connection to work? And which emotions are connected to my financial (inter-)actions, wishes and my property? 


Do, 20th May - 5 to 6.15 pm CET:

NAW-ONLINE (English): 75-minute online impulse: "Free @ Work: What kind of freedom are we really looking for?"



Do, 9th September - 5 to 6.15 pm CET:

NAW-ONLINE (English): 75-minute online impulse: "Silence @ Work"


20th October 2021 – 24th October.2021

International Business Retreat: Mindful Work in Times of Change Practice areas and methods for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs

We will gather together at the European Institute for Applied Buddhism in Waldbröl for a larger and longer retreat exploring how to bring conscious business into our working life and into our organizations. This event is open to all who are familiar with the basic mindfulness practices and wish to engage more deeply in the topic.

Retreat-Flyer with full information coming soon

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