Awakening to Interbeing

International Walking Meditation 

More information about the topic and history of this event can be found here

Participating towns on December, 2, 2023

This is a list of all towns that participated in our mindful walk in 2023.

For reasons of data protection we erased the contact information. Further information about this collective practice can be found on the regional websites that are still linked here. 

Participating towns

confirmed: 48 towns - 18 countries, 

last update november, 27, 2023 


Antibes (France)

Bangkok (Thailand) --> pdf-invitation

Barcelona (Spain)--> pdf-invitation

Basel (Switzerland) --> Website

Berlin (Germany) -->  Website

Bordeaux (France) 

Bremen (Germany) --> pdf-invitation

Buenos Aires (Argentina)-->  Instagram, flyer/photo

Cambridge (England)

Cascadas Dos Mundos Huetziatl (Mexico)

Cologne (Germany) --> Website

Copenhagen (Denmark) --> Website  

Den Haag/Scheveningen (Netherlands)

Devon (England) 

Edinburgh (Scotland) --> website

Florence (Italy)

Francfort (Germany) --> Website

Freiburg i. B. (Germany) 

Fribourg (Switzerland) 

Geneva (Switzerland): --> Facebook-Eventpage

Hamburg (Germany)--> Website

Hanoi (Vietnam)--> contact

Hanover (Germany)

Hinterheubach (close to Heidelberg/Germany) 

Isle of Arron (Scotland) --> pdf-invitation

Jerusalem (Israel) 

Leipzig (Germany): --> Website

Madrid (Spain) --> pdf-invitation

Marseille (France)

Munich (Germany)

Pau (64000 France)[nbsp --> ]pdf-invitation

Perugia (Italy) 

Poznan (Poland)

Prague (Czech Republique) 

Ravensburg (Germany)  --> pdf-invitation

Region "Alpes du Sud" (France) 

Rome (Italy) 

Siracusa (Italy) 

Stuttgart (Germany) 

Teneriffa (Spain) 

Toulouse (France) --> Sangha-Webpage, googledoc

Valencia (Spain) -->  Website

Vienna (Austria) 

Vilnius (Lithuania) 

Waldbröl/EIAB (Germany) 

Würzburg (Germany) --> Website

Zaragoza (Spain) -->  pdf-invitation, PNG

Zurich-Region/Männedorf-Stäfa (Switzerland) --> contact-mail, contact-linkedIn


For more questions please contact:

Kai Romhardt (Senior Dharmacharya in the Plum Village Dhyana Tradition and Chair of Network for Mindful Business) at romhardt (AT)



Postcard (English version for download)

Postkarte (Deutsche Version zum Runterladen)